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How does a CoolTech procedure work?

Do you want to get rid of the stubborn fat? Do you think the only solution is to work hard at the gym or get surgical liposuction? If you still think this way it’s because you haven’t been introduced to CoolTech!

CoolTech freezes fat, while respecting the collagen and skin elasticity, and afterwards, it removes the fat cells from the body in a natural and progressive way through the lymphatic system. It is a non-invasive procedure, without the need to use needles or scalpel and pain-free.

During a CoolTech treatment, around 60 minutes, you will be lying down and being able to read a book, work on your ipad or talk on the phone with no rush.

CoolTech Is More Affordable

CoolTech offers fat freezing technology at a lower price, Cocoon Medical has been able to keep operating costs low which means we are able to pass this saving down to consumers.


Frequently asked questions…

What are you going to feel during the treatment?

The hand-piece will be placed on the area to be treated and you will feel some tightness caused by the vacuum pressure and some localized cold. This will disappear some minutes after the treatment is initiated. The sensation is similar to putting your hand in an eski full of ice.

Is it painful?

The treatment is pain-free. The procedure allows the patient to return to daily life immediately since it is not a surgical procedure and a non-invasive treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

1-3 sessions in the same area every 6-8 weeks. Your CoolTech specialist will tell you how many treatments do you need in each area, depending on the nature of fat that your body stores.

What areas can be treated?

Abdomen, hips, thighs, abductors, flanks, knees, arms and buttocks.

How long is the treatment?

It is recommended to proceed roughly 60 minutes for each treatment.

When will the results be visible?

With just one treatment the results will be visible 3 weeks after your treatment. The fat cells will be removed from your body in a natural way, without the need of a special diet, no work out required or the intake of pills. Best and maximum results will be visible at 12 weeks after the treatment.

How long the results will be visible?

Results are permanent.


Before & after…




Courtesy of MARLOW FACE + BODY


Courtesy of MARLOW FACE + BODY


Courtesy of MARLOW FACE + BODY


Courtesy of MARLOW FACE + BODY


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